About the Farm-House

Tammisto farm-house was built in 1916, originally to accommodate guests of the local spa. However, it never served as a hotel because it was soon bought by the first owner of the farm. Tammisto served as a cultivation farm for a long period of time. Since the past 20 years there is no longer cultivation at the farm which became a B&B. Tammisto is the childhood home of the current mistress, Anu Vaissi, who returned to the farm in 2008. Prior to that, the farm was kept by Pirkko Nieminen, Anu’s mother. Pirkko is one of the pioneers of farm-house tourism in Finland. She hosted her first bed & breakfast customers already in the 1980’s.


Anu Vaissi was born in Naantali but spent her whole adulthood in Helsinki until moving back to Naantali. She graduated from cooking school in 2001 and became a restaurant manager in 2008.

The food philosophy of Anu consists of high-quality ingredients, pure tastes, delicate seasoning, and emphasizing the ingredients’ natural flavours. Anu feels successful when somebody gets back to her just to tell her that s/he still remembers Anu’s delicious meal. That is exactly what Anu hopes: to be remembered for her food – its great taste and beautiful layout.