Kuulas means simple pleasures!

The story of Kuulas began over 100 years ago when the main building, the yellow farmhouse, was built in Tammisto and apple trees were planted in the garden. A gorgeus south-facing terrace overlooking the garden was built in 2021 and was originally meant to serve delicious food to guests and visitors in the summer months. However, the laid-back atmosphere and simple yet delicious food proved to be a big hit in summer 2021 already, so from autumn 2022 we’ve been open periodically.

Our big charcoal grill in the terrace is the heart of   Kuulas in the summer. Pick up an old rug and go sit under the apple trees with yummy sweet treates, a nice cocktail or our famous pre-ordered picnic basket. Old Finnish songs are playing in the background and our fluffy friends, the sheep, are grazing in their pasture nearby.

In winter, however, we offer different kinds of unique culinary experiences in the beautiful dining hall of the farmhouse where a historicall idyll is seamlessly combined with a modern service concept and quality fine dining. We invest in carefully curated, unforgettable experiences and details in everything we do, from the dinig hall chairs to the coffee cups and music in the background.

From September to April we’re only open when there’s an event. They can be found in Tammisto’s official event calendar.

Contact us

tel. 044 510 4293